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Blake Solomon 12/16/10 10:39 PM

Limousines Sign
The Limousines (ex-Strata) have signed with Dangerbird Records.

Submitted by FCFdillon

sweetfootaction 12/16/10 10:44 PM

Is this band's name another reference to Homestar Runner?

CakeShoesAce 12/16/10 10:51 PM

Why didn't Eric say anything about this on twitter? Anyways, I'm happy or them. They have been around for about 2 years or so

PermanentTourists 12/16/10 10:55 PM

I loved Strata.

red8ge 12/16/10 10:57 PM

Their synth player looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

TheDillon 12/16/10 10:58 PM

These guys are really great! I recommend checking out "Internet Killed the Video Star", "Very Busy People", and "The Future"

sargentlgfuad 12/16/10 11:20 PM

really wants strata back!

emoboy333 12/16/10 11:31 PM

There's also Beta State with two former members of Strata. And Their album Stars is fucking amazing !

Romancebled 12/16/10 11:34 PM

Congrats to them. I still wish Strata never broke up though... their music was amazing.

Of A Machines 12/16/10 11:45 PM

this bands full legnth blew my mind

S9Dallasoz 12/17/10 12:08 AM

Great band.
And this is sooo awesome.

InBetweenAisles 12/17/10 02:30 AM

Congratulations to them. Strata was an awesome band. Hoping to hear more with their new singer. Also looking forward to new songs from The Limousines.

Jukebox Romeo 12/17/10 07:35 AM

Get Sharp is in my top 5 of the year. Congrats to these guys, they're amazing.

thaianna 12/17/10 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Of A Machines (Post 81672812)
this bands full legnth blew my mind

This. I absolutely agree.

WerdnaNBD 12/17/10 12:54 PM

ex-strata -> http://www.myspace.com/betastate