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Zack Zarrillo 12/22/10 07:27 PM

Dude, that sucks.

sodamnclever 12/22/10 07:28 PM

This is a huge bummer.

I did chuckle at the title though.

wall e 12/22/10 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by lucygray (Post 82026062)
As did I, I was kind of shocked at how good they were.

I got a picture with Mindy, she must have felt ultra-famous lol

himynameisjohn3 12/22/10 07:31 PM

that fucking sucks.

JustinSxE 12/22/10 07:31 PM

There still is a way to recover some data from 1) a reformatted hard drive and 2) if it was deleted via Trash or Recycle Bin, as long as it wasn't raped by a magnet and/or smashed to pieces.

SincerelyMe 12/22/10 07:31 PM


Alex DiVincenzo 12/22/10 07:36 PM

Wow, that's awful

p93 12/22/10 07:39 PM

Easily one of the most magical sets I got to see this year. I'm super bummed about this, I was hoping for some sweet footage.

Also, everyone praising Mindy as a critical part of their live show is just wrong. I can respect her as a vocalist and musician, but all she did was sit there the two times I saw them live. Definitely not a make-or-breaker.

Craig Ismaili 12/22/10 07:40 PM

only one way around this. a second farewell us tour

lamensterms 12/22/10 07:40 PM

not very awesome.

im sure they gotta explore the possibilities of HDD recovery.

One more farewell tour please.

Sara Beth 12/22/10 07:41 PM

Ugh. This combined with that fact that I wasn't able to catch them on the farewell tour is so disappointing for me.

However, the title is for this thread is great. Haha.

thesollopsist 12/22/10 07:44 PM

How fucking typical. I was looking forward to this so much.

RyanFTW 12/22/10 07:50 PM

Now how are kids going to say they bought it but really pirated it?

XEmoBoyShandorX 12/22/10 07:57 PM

Yeah that sucks. Its a huge bummer. Amazing title for this thread though.

Ricketts 12/22/10 08:03 PM

God damn, that fucking sucks so bad.