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Matthew Tsai 12/22/10 07:07 PM

Asking Alexandria MV
Head to the replies to watch Asking Alexandria's new music video for "A Prophecy."

Submitted by multiple users

Matthew Tsai 12/22/10 07:07 PM

StepsInADance 12/22/10 07:09 PM

I lold

NateFoundGlory 12/22/10 07:10 PM

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha ha

YoTengoRabbi 12/22/10 07:21 PM

Mind Blowwwwing!!!!

brandon_260 12/22/10 07:21 PM

As much as I like this band, this is a really, really, really weak video

.dot 12/22/10 07:21 PM

Horrible video. I'm not going to lie though, I dig this song.

UnderclasHero 12/22/10 07:22 PM

Not bad. Shouldve made a video for If you cant ride 2 horses..

tyramail 12/22/10 07:22 PM

pretty lame video

SD_John 12/22/10 07:23 PM

man does the lead dude shop at a womans store? deep v man.

D' Evils 12/22/10 07:24 PM

has anyone heard the new ep? i hear theres a major lack of screaming

incognitojones 12/22/10 07:31 PM

Do these guys ever change clothes?

SourStuff 12/22/10 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by UnderclasHero (Post 82025552)
Not bad. Shouldve made a video for If you cant ride 2 horses..

I second this.

JTHomeslice 12/22/10 07:35 PM

That sure was a metalcore video.

I'mOnAHorse 12/22/10 07:37 PM

No I do not have those thoughts