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Keagan Ilvonen 12/23/10 04:19 PM

The Wonder Years AP Sessions
You can check out The Wonder Years' AP Sessions here.

subplotofcrows 12/23/10 04:19 PM

Love this. Glad it was filmed at the Agora too...one of the forgotten venues that doesn't get much action in Cleveland anymore.

XSTAYGOLDX 12/23/10 04:22 PM

This is rad.

Zack Zarrillo 12/23/10 04:26 PM

Awesome, awesome stuff.

Brandon Allin 12/23/10 04:30 PM

Band kills it every time.

joeycYDG 12/23/10 04:31 PM

So good.

Avalanche1 12/23/10 04:39 PM

If anyone is wondering why Casey isn't listed in the credits, The Wonder Years said on their Facebook that he was accidentally left out by AP. He is still in the band.

Ponyboy 12/23/10 04:40 PM

great performance. Also really liked the camera work.

DearShithead 12/23/10 04:42 PM

Yes!! Been waiting for this.

quizonmyface 12/23/10 04:43 PM

Washington Square Park is such a good song!

Dre Okorley 12/23/10 04:50 PM

That was amazing.

ReadyForAction 12/23/10 04:51 PM

Too awesome

Big_Guy 12/23/10 04:52 PM

Well that was awesome.

uberlou 12/23/10 04:53 PM

There's so much heart in their performances. I can't wait to see these guys in a couple weeks.

jaredohgren 12/23/10 04:53 PM

Should've played/filmed The Upsides in it's entirety.
Too good.