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Jamie Pham 12/27/10 11:54 AM

Thieves And Villains Drummer Looking To Produce
Joe from Thieves And Villains is looking to do some studio session drumming and/or write drums parts for bands in the tri-state NYC/Metro area. More details can be found in the replies.

Jamie Pham 12/27/10 11:55 AM

I'm on vacation from touring right now and would like to do studio session drumming or write drums for bands who would need it, (for a low price) anywhere in the tri-state NYC/Metro area.
- I'm an endorsed professional drummer with a full line of professional gear.
- Any band/person can reach me at josephwpenna@gmail.com
- All genre's welcome.

rob_mylo 12/27/10 12:27 PM

I think Sergio is doing the same.
could be wrong though. good band, great guys

untitled94 12/27/10 12:58 PM

Joe is a great drummer, if anyone is looking for that sort of thing then he'll def do a solid job for you

markbroadway 12/27/10 07:01 PM

great musician, i support this

Drums4life97 12/28/10 12:19 AM

Go Joe! Dude is so solid. Can't go wrong.

hello299 12/28/10 07:28 AM

Great way for people in bands of this size to make extra cash while not touring.