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Broclee 12/29/10 10:16 AM

Cotton Teeth is such a phenomenal record.

IWasHerHorse 12/29/10 10:28 AM

I still listen to Cotton Teeth whenever I have to drive anywhere. Completely underrated album/band.

dirty frank 12/29/10 10:35 AM

I bought cotton teeth because drew gave it a solid review, and it turned out to be one of my favorite albums of that year

Ailite 12/29/10 10:51 AM

I love this band, Cotton Teeth is fantastic.

xdrummerxdudex 12/29/10 10:56 AM

i remember seeing TSTCTC open up for armor for sleep years ago. it was number one fan, tstctc, the academy is... and armor. i think i was like 15 when this show happened haha

xdifference88x 12/29/10 11:08 AM

this band is phenomenal. its a damn shame that cotton teeth hasn't been heard by more people, its such a deep and talented record. the documentary was beautiful too, i hope the band was happy with how it turned out.

i've asked so many different bands (such as as tall as lions, manchester orchestra, mewithoutYou) what happened to these guys. all of them said they just didn't have the support and it was time in their lives to actually take care of themselves. they all say the same thing, that the band was just so good.

bouttogetfancy 12/29/10 11:18 AM

I miss this band a lot. I think I got exposed to them when they opened for Manchester Orchestra and mewithoutYou. What a good tour.

montyareyou 12/29/10 11:57 AM

I have been listening to this band since I was about 15 (10 years ago) when they were called Curbside Service. Such a great band.

Portugal4142 12/29/10 12:17 PM

This band was fantastic... unbelievably refreshing. If there was one band I wish could put out one more CD just to satisfy my curiosity for what direction they'd go in it would be them.

drudo182 12/29/10 12:22 PM

Equal Vision used to be legit but they've lost so many bands.

SCC made some incredible tunes. Cotton Teeth completely blew me away.

Johnny Minardi 12/29/10 12:25 PM

One of my favorite bands. Such great releases and an incredible live show.

harveyn590 12/29/10 01:32 PM

ah never listened to them before, but now is the time.

steve-0 12/29/10 01:32 PM

Though I own both the EP and Cotton Teeth, Mander Salis was by far my favorite release by these guys. I never got into Cotton Teeth nearly as much as I did the first two.

as awesome as they were, they never seemed to get much attention which always puzzled me.

songsforlindsey 12/29/10 01:51 PM

one of my favorites.

knuxxx84 12/29/10 02:14 PM

one of my all time favorites. mander salis is a perfect albums imo,still listen to it on the reg. shame they never got the true notoriety they deserved.