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Rich Duncan 02/05/07 08:28 PM

Hero Pattern - The Deception EP
Hero Pattern - The Deception EP
Record Label - Self-released
Release Date - January 16, 2007

While recording The Deception EP and their new Japanese release, So Long To Everything You Knew, in Brooklyn, the band literally lived in the studio. Given permission to sleep at the studio by the owner, the band spent its ten days worth of studio time recording non-stop from 11 to 4 AM every single day. When it came time to record the vocals for the EP with Hot Rod Circuit’s Andy Jackson in his hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, the band crammed themselves into a Saturn Sedan (along with an engineer) to make the long drive from New Jersey to Alabama. In their free time the band plays an average of 150 lives shows a year, sometimes even braving blizzards to make it to their gigs and give their fans 110 percent every night. Even if you are not a fan of Hero Pattern’s brand of rock n’ roll leaning power pop, I think everyone can respect a band that is willing to go the extra mile to make music and play their hearts out for their fans every night.

“Don’t Even Miss Me” packs anthemic choruses, blistering guitar melodies, and soaring pop vocals in under two minutes, creating a song that will have you bobbing your head and singing along in no time flat. This song has major hit potential, as does the follow-up track “You Don’t Say”, which blends the band’s penchant for sing-along worthy pop-rock melodies with rock riffs and solos inspired by their musical roots. Jake Turner of Say Anything makes the first of two guest vocal appearances on “Memory” (the other being “Signal”), a track that injects melodic choruses in between periods of unadulterated rock n’roll swagger. For those of you who just love songs that get the audience clapping their hands in unison, the beginning of this track will bring a smile to your face and be an instant hit. The Deception EP closes with the extremely infectious “Control My Heart”, a true power-pop gem that will not only be stuck in your head for days, it will leave you wishing the EP lasted just a little bit longer.

The Deception EP is a collection of slick, power-pop tunes that may not immediately hold your interest, but after a few listens you will find yourself spinning this EP constantly and singing along with gusto. This is a band has the potential for big things in the future, especially if they are able to further refine their brand of addictive brand of power pop.

cajuncork 02/13/07 02:43 PM

Dig it
Totally dig this fucking band. through and through.