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nick19 01/03/11 12:20 PM

Yours Til Death - Delivered EP
Yours Til Death - Delivered EP
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: January 7, 2010

Young bands often fall victim to immaturity, whether it is in the form of simplistic, trite lyrics or just lackluster song composition. Southern California rockers Yours Til Death show promise in the lyric department on their Delivered EP, but the choruses simply do not soar like they should, which greatly damages the replay value of this release.

The opener, “Cut and Paste,” is a melodic offering that starts off strong with pounding drums and a guitar riff sure to perk up listeners’ ears. However, that same riff gets recycled so it can be used in a chorus that just falls flat after the explosive verses. Adam Ross (vocals guitar) sings lines like “someday it will be replaced/by another pretty face.” The bridge, though, is the worst part of the song as Ross begins playing a solo that sounds more cacophonous than anything. Next up is the EP’s best track,
“Photograph,” which is home to catchy verses and soulful vocals. The bridge here more than makes up for the previous one as Ross delivers an excellent solo before the song dives back into its chorus that will undeniably get heads bobbing. “Wake Up” has a slower, poppier, and even indie feel to it, with Ross singing softly, “waking up another day, without you/gonna try to write another song, about you.” It is an effectively decent song, but it is hurt by some strange effects after the bridge. “Helping Hand” is an entirely forgettable song with melodic verses that is followed by the EP’s closer, “Look the Other Way.” An acoustic track, it features excellent vocals from Ross who shows his range with a multitude of falsettos, and the band also show their skill at crafting quality lyrics that include musings like “I don’t mind/picking up your broken pieces/wasted time/it’s all the same when you’re mistreated.” All in all, it is a good closing track with a catchy, foot-tapping chorus that will leave listeners intrigued for more.

Yours Til Death are a band, then, that can craft fantastic lyrics and have much music talent that gets exhibited throughout this release (Dave Berg and Hayden Scott round out this trio on bass and drums respectively). However, they need to mature in the art of songcrafting if they wish to create tracks that will be burned into the minds of listeners and make them hungry for more. Only one out of the five tracks on Delivered is able to do that, but having one capable track is a great start.

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