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Matthew Tsai 01/07/11 11:31 AM

The Age of Estranged Family Members
A Sufjan Stevens documentary is in the works.

Submitted by blunks182

blunks182 01/07/11 11:46 AM

I hope this is released eventually, if only to see the entire clip of Sufjan playing Pac-Man.

xapplexpiex 01/07/11 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by blunks182 (Post 82923192)
I hope this is released eventually, if only to see the entire clip of Sufjan playing Pac-Man.

This. He seems like a pro at it.

thesollopsist 01/07/11 11:48 AM


UPDATE: According to a rep for the filmmaker, the movie has no release date, and they don't know if it will be released. Make it happen, distribution companies!
Could be interesting, I can relate to this. He sure does big himself up over his Pacman skills.

IceAge/HeatWave 01/07/11 11:59 AM

hoping to see this.

also, i'm bitching because i submitted this three days ago. ish.

trappedintime 01/07/11 12:04 PM

I would be very interested to see this.

twitchyfingers 01/07/11 12:12 PM

I'm pretty sure the original trailer/teaser for this was released quite some time ago and, even then, it sounded like it wasn't going to be released due to the family's privacy concerns. The release of the new trailer/Facebook page seems pretty random to me. :shrug:

I do hope it's eventually released.

plns 01/07/11 12:31 PM

Really interested in this. Seems like a fascinating dude.

brenByah 01/07/11 12:35 PM

I would definitely watch, I love Sufjan.

introduction 01/07/11 01:00 PM

This had better not just be a tease. Sufjan is one of the most fascinating people in music.

soilofarms 01/07/11 01:06 PM

I would love to see this

bandnamexmyname 01/07/11 01:35 PM

so interested.

FUCKDIRTYWIPES 01/07/11 02:16 PM

sufjan rules!

stollio 01/07/11 03:02 PM

Adz was the most disappointing album of last year. And the concert sucked too :(

Rysker6 01/07/11 03:03 PM

Sufjan Stevens: The Fifty States Conspiracy!