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Keagan Ilvonen 01/12/11 10:43 PM

K Sera At The Wheel
Head to the replies to hear a new K Sera song "Asleep At The Wheel."

Submitted by MusicSnob&Proud

Keagan Ilvonen 01/12/11 10:43 PM

schmohawk 01/12/11 11:14 PM

song is awesome.

jacnrh 01/12/11 11:15 PM

Really liking this song! This band just keeps putting out great material, very exciting.

InBetweenAisles 01/12/11 11:18 PM

This song sounds awesome. Also reminded me of this:

dan.is.empire 01/12/11 11:28 PM

best song from the band. it's not on the ep though!

brenByah 01/12/11 11:33 PM

This band has the potential to do really big things

sigpikul 01/13/11 12:02 AM

Hell. Yes.

tfieldz 01/13/11 12:17 AM

These guys are good, but i'm not feeling this song too much. They remind me so much of Forgive Durden which hurts because it reminds me how much i want some new music from Mr. Dutton

WeWereGiants 01/13/11 12:25 AM

Awesome song, The band will send you the song for free if you follow some directions on facebook.

wakeuptothesun 01/13/11 10:32 AM

K Sera is one of the best unsigned bands right now period. Been waiting for this song every since my band toured with them. Sounds even better than I remember