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Blake Solomon 01/17/11 11:23 PM

K Sera Studio Bound
According to their blog, K Será will be hitting the studio with Mark Kiczula (JayZ/Linkin Park, Dassboard Confessional) late this month to record new songs.

Submitted by MusicSnob&Proud

InBetweenAisles 01/17/11 11:49 PM

Looking forward to it.

schmohawk 01/18/11 12:36 AM

wow, that's pretty big. can't wait to hear whatever they record.

Co and Ca 01/18/11 01:40 AM

dassboard confessional totally rocks!

Dustin Harkins 01/18/11 05:41 AM


cwhit412 01/18/11 06:09 AM

The last EP was great. Hope they keep the theatric aspects.

mycuban 01/18/11 07:16 AM

i hope it's for a full legnth!

tossit 01/18/11 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by mycuban (Post 83634532)
i hope it's for a full legnth!

I think this is for The Cantos ii EP. Still can't wait! cause only like 3 songs off of The Cantos were new to me

seanthethief 01/18/11 11:00 AM

Caswell, I expect many games of starcraft 2 after you're done tracking each day