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PeeDster 01/24/11 04:23 AM

Veara And Millencolin Pioneer Through Europe
Veara will be supporting Millencolin on their European portion of the Pennybridge Pioneers 10th Anniversary tour. Dates are in the replies.

Submitted by irishcarbomb

PeeDster 01/24/11 04:24 AM

tour datesApril 14 E-werk - Cologne, Germany
April 15 Hirsch - Nurnberg, Germany
April 16 KC Vitavska - Prague, Czech Republic
April 17 Arena - Vienna, Austraia
April 18 Muffathalle - Munich, Germany
April 19 Kofmehl - Solothurn, Switzerland
April 20 Garage - Saarbrucken, Germany
April 21 Skaters Palace - Munster, Germany
April 22 Groezrock Festival - Meerhout, Belgium
April 23 Melkweg - Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 24 Schlachthof - Bremen, Germany
April 25 Grosse Feiheit 23 - Hamburg, Germany

Giuseppe 01/24/11 04:27 AM

They should have called it the Germany tour...What a nonsense, where the hell are the other countries?!

brandnewsheep 01/24/11 05:43 AM

UK is in Europe too :(

BigG1392 01/24/11 05:57 AM

wow, that'll be a great tour. Love both of these bands

entrailsofpatty 01/24/11 08:09 AM

reallly? this bands been on the map for just under 2 years and theyre already opening for millencolin. jeeez. that doesnt even make sense in my eye. wheres strung out or rufio on this?

RockTheWalls 01/24/11 08:23 AM

The best dudes/girl. So much love for Veara.

untitled94 01/24/11 10:22 AM

So awesome for Veara, band rules!

rob_mylo 01/24/11 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by RockTheWalls (Post 83954062)
The best dudes/girl. So much love for Veara.

great bunch of people in this band

Maiaophilia 01/24/11 10:44 AM


I would kill to see Millencolin.

FullFathomFive 01/24/11 11:00 AM

Heard about this awhile ago, so friggen stoked for Veara! Awesome people, they definitely deserve this.

Jealous though. Just saying, haha.

Dre Okorley 01/24/11 12:18 PM

Good for Veara

hello299 01/24/11 12:38 PM

Veara have been getting on some good tours with high profile bands.

drewk16 01/24/11 01:03 PM

If this comes to the states I'll be the first in line

Soupy 01/24/11 01:53 PM

Hell yes for Veara. Congrats dude(tte)s