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Matthew Tsai 01/29/11 05:54 PM

After the Fall - Eradication
After the Fall - Eradication
Record Label: Mightier Than Sword Records
Release Date: October 12, 2010

It seems there’s been a recent surge of exceedingly angry bands looking to win back the punk scene. Albany, New York’s After the Fall, their latest album violently titled Eradication, is one of those bands. They sound exactly like what you’d expect an angry punk band to sound like, though judging from the way they push every aspect of this album to extremes, as if with every mile-per-second drum drill or throat-shredding scream they’re beating another delicate pop-punk band into submission, you might think they’re the angriest one of them all.

Some have compared them to Rise Against or Propagandhi, while others, ‘80’s acts a la Minor Threat, and the truth is they’re probably influenced by all of them. Eradication stands at 14 tracks, and there’s plenty of room for them to show their various faces. “Ruins” is scathing and break-neck, but four tracks later, “Throgs Neck” presents the most melodic hook on the album. Similarly as fickle, “You Don’t Talk No Shit” is hum-able, but following track “Power Trip” tears apart that atmosphere with a savage outburst of hardcore (check the breakdown towards the end, too – heavy stuff). The one things that unites Eradication, though, is its unwavering “I’m pissed” mood. The title track sums it up best: “Fuck your life and fuck your stupid trends! We’ve been here all along and we’ll be here in the end when the smoke clears.”

Despite the fact that most of the songs clock in at less than 2 minutes, the album can become a chore to listen to seven, eight songs in. You can blame that on the production’s need to make the album scorch and singe, although that’s also what gives it its bite. Still, it’s pretty easy to argue that it’s worth it. Eradication is the kind of rousing wood-chipper that can shove you out of bed in the morning, and if you share After the Fall’s anger, you probably wouldn’t want anything less.

Recommended If You LikeA vicious blend of Rise Against, Propagandhi and Minor Threat
Track list1. Soldiers
2. Ruins
3. Irrational Behavior
4. Stagnation
5. Eradication
6. Throgs Neck
7. Lifer
8. Authoritarian
9. Coward
10. Cents Less
11. You Don't Talk No Shit
12. Power Trip
13. Autonomy
14. New Scotland

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Jaimehere 01/31/11 06:15 AM

will check this out

ALEXMASONRULES 01/31/11 11:42 AM

solid album

natedoggvb 01/31/11 10:43 PM

Another aggressive ass album reviewed by Matthew Tsai. Need to get this and We're Not Afraid.. Thanks man.

Jaimehere 02/01/11 01:04 AM

ohhhhh man, Power Trip really is a power trip X-)