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Matthew Tsai 02/10/11 11:04 AM

Reckless and Relentless
Asking Alexandria will release sophomore album Reckless and Relentless on April 5th.

Submitted by Close9

SomedayTheFire 02/10/11 11:12 AM

Why though?

shawnPLAGUES 02/10/11 11:17 AM


Jason949 02/10/11 11:24 AM

no thanks

JuneJuly 02/10/11 11:25 AM

Hahaha I remember seeing Dann Worsnop fill in for OM&M at Warped Tour this summer. Was lulzy. I'll still be checking this out though, lol.

Adam Pfleider 02/10/11 11:25 AM

I hope there's more "oh. my. gawwwwwd!!!" parts in this one than the last one!

Close9 02/10/11 11:27 AM

april 5 actually, my mistake

incognitojones 02/10/11 11:29 AM

Scene kids will be over this band by October.

JTHomeslice 02/10/11 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by Adam Pfleider (Post 84923412)
I hope there's more "oh. my. gawwwwwd!!!" parts in this one than the last one!

I'm personally hoping for more "RAAAAAGHHHHHH!" parts.

MonopolyMan 02/10/11 11:34 AM

haha shits gunna be legit...sturgis hardly disappoints

Cody Nelson 02/10/11 11:35 AM

what a fucking awful label roster.

andthetruthwill 02/10/11 11:35 AM

Yay. They are going to continue to elevate.

guill89 02/10/11 11:46 AM

graaaaaaarrr raaaawrrrr roooooowwwllll yeeeaaaaaaeeergggggg!!!

do this band actually have lyrics?

cubine 02/10/11 11:51 AM

After that god-awful EP, this thing is looking to be shittier than the last.

circletheworld 02/10/11 12:00 PM

if a shitty band releases another shitty album, does anyone care?