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Matthew Tsai 02/13/11 03:27 PM

Ace Enders Live in NYC
Ace Enders will be playing a special "Pay What You Want" show in New York City. More details can be found here.

fallingapart101 02/13/11 03:33 PM


Meeze 02/13/11 03:40 PM

Ace could play in Antartica and I'd go see him.

gr33ndayfr3ak 02/13/11 03:46 PM

Seriously, I'm pretty sure Ace is the most generous person I've ever met.

laxcrs 02/13/11 03:49 PM

id pay at least 20 bucks

SavingNovember 02/13/11 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by laxcrs (Post 85089721)
id pay at least 20 bucks

Same here, I wish he was doing this in Boston.

eatbabiesyum 02/13/11 03:52 PM

i hope he plays another show in hammonton, i just moved back and missed it. gotta love hometown shows :D

Alex DiVincenzo 02/13/11 03:58 PM

Dude is so smart.

Cody Nelson 02/13/11 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by Meeze (Post 85089511)
Ace could play in Antartica and I'd go see him.

No, you wouldn't.

BroNamath 02/13/11 04:06 PM

wish this was in florida

Matt Chylak 02/13/11 04:18 PM

interesting to see how this goes; I bet this particular show will be successful. at the same time, I don't think this would be an efficient model for touring, especially if you're trying to pick up new demographics while making money

tonighttonight0 02/13/11 04:27 PM

There better not be a single person who goes in for free if this is set up like I think it is.

yeahdude 02/13/11 04:28 PM

Ace cashing in on hopes that the 16 people who paid $500 for a new album on his kickstarter will pay $1000+ to see him live. Good idea.

kidinthebushes 02/13/11 04:35 PM

I love this willingness to try new things like this.

Nick Le 02/13/11 04:38 PM

Interesting idea. Hope this works out well. I'd pay a good amount to see him if it was out here.