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Matthew Tsai 02/15/11 11:16 AM

SECRETS On Purevolume
SECRETS posted three new songs from their upcoming album on purevolume.

_><_ 02/15/11 11:19 AM


colean 02/15/11 12:12 PM

The Oath and 40 Below, is the same song, I still don't get it??????
Somewhere in Hiding is freaking awesome, reminds me of Dawn Defeo, know its in the past, but its a great thing cause "Hope" is awesome!!!

deadelement 02/15/11 04:07 PM

The singing sounded decent enough, but everything else was generic and pretty plain.

armoireofdoom 02/15/11 04:14 PM

These songs are really terrible. I had high hopes for this band after hearing Joe Piper on a clip. Really disappointing.

whateverwrks 02/15/11 08:01 PM

Wow, this is incredible! Really really good!

Ashur 02/15/11 08:07 PM

Pretty good. Stoked.

Ryan Gardner 02/15/11 08:36 PM

Generic but not totally awful

evanbythebay 02/16/11 04:52 PM

More singing please, that kid makes all the bands he's in. Dawn Defeo was a lot better

lilgrmln 02/22/11 03:31 PM

this is just the beginning for this band. Yes the music might be a little generic and sound like other bands that are already around but its what people like. if its not broken dont fix it. the vocals really set them apart. They have an incredible screamer and the clean vocals are amazing. Richard has a fantastic and unique voice that is going to take him far in this industry. the lyrics are simple and catchy. its impossible to not get those chorus' stuck in your head.
its true that Richard really does make the bands he's in better. Dawn Defeo was shit before he joined and changed everything about them. Now that they kicked him out i dont see them going anywhere. "Hope" will always be a good ep though, because of Richard.

i have a feeling these guys are going to be around for awhile. I can't wait to hear what else they have up their sleeves for this first cd.