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Lueda Alia 02/15/11 02:01 PM

Featured Song: William Fitzsimmons
We are pretty excited about Gold In The Shadow, the forthcoming release by William Fitzsimmons, which comes out on March 22nd. To celebrate the release of this album, we have an exclusive stream of the acoustic version of his single "The Tide Pulls From The Moon" that you can listen to on his AP.net profile. In the replies you will also find a video of him where he talks about the last few years of his career, the upcoming album, and other things. If you enjoy gorgeous folk music, then definitely check both of these features out and let us know what you think about them in the replies.

Lueda Alia 02/15/11 02:02 PM

MADSTA 02/15/11 02:07 PM

What's the password?!

Lueda Alia 02/15/11 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by MADSTA (Post 85207592)
What's the password?!

Oh, poo. They haven't taken it off yet. Give me a minute!

Maxwell 02/15/11 02:21 PM

So excited for this release. Song on his profile is lush.

uglystar03 02/16/11 10:18 AM

They still haven't removed the password.

pleasedontpanic 02/16/11 10:42 AM

William is so fantastic. Can't wait to see him in May.

hf57 02/16/11 10:45 AM

really cool to hear him talk about the record since he was definitely an influence on my decision to go into the mental health field. i haven't been able to get into the two songs he has released so far but i really think once i hear the record as a whole i'll enjoy it.

VoiceoffCamera 02/16/11 11:51 AM

Love this man and his ridiculously awesome beard.

brenByah 02/16/11 04:01 PM

I love this guy. His songs always pull at your heartstrings

NationalProduct 02/16/11 04:17 PM

haha he has a full on al Qaeda beard which is glorious! his voice is sick and soothing

funnydave 02/16/11 04:53 PM

love this man's voice and his beard OBVS.

George-Michael 02/16/11 04:55 PM

Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a break in the chain.

rainbowrenee 02/16/11 10:12 PM

William Fitzsimmons is also my uncle's name. I never thought my last name was common...

Sneak Peek 02/16/11 10:29 PM

I can't wait for this album. I love listening to his music at night