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pavexparadise 02/27/11 07:53 PM

Great album. Good review. Although I don't agree with 'the recommeded if you like' section saying the old Bayside albums being the only appropiate recommendation. I would recommend the band The Smoking Popes since they are probably Anthony Raneri's most notable influence. Especially the tone of Anthony's voice being at times almost identical to Josh Caterer of the Smoking Popes. It's easy to make the comparison when listening to the cover of The Smoking Popes song Megan on Bayside's Acoustic album were Josh Carterer provides his vocals alongside Anthony. The original version of the song can be found on The Smoking Pope's album Destination Failure (1997)

DylanPPPP 02/28/11 07:37 AM

My AOTY so far.

Sumluver 02/28/11 11:49 AM

Loved this album! All I know is I felt like Bayside was quoting Jimmy Eat World's Futures on the track "The Wrong Way"...

Alt Press Mag. 03/04/11 02:18 AM

Exactly what i expected out of a bayside album

NerdyNiko 03/04/11 05:50 PM

Love this new album! prob one of my favorites that I have

adamcmr 03/04/11 07:25 PM

I love "Killing Time" ...here's a great interview with Bayside http://www.shockhound.com/videos/128...nels-_-Bayside

_bluestOCT 03/13/11 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by themagicrat (Post 85245991)
I feel like the production on this record removed the edge that Bayside has always had. They just seem too smooth and too polished for me on this record.

Agreed. It just touches the heart strings more when the voice isn't so, idk, fixed?

brandon_260 03/21/11 04:53 PM

I got my pre-order today, it's only a month late. But regardless, this album is killer! I'm not sure if I like it more than The Walking Wounded. Once I have more time with it, I'm fairly certain it will be my favorite

KillingsworthNY 02/15/12 02:44 PM

Check this video out that Chris shot at Killingsworth Recording Company NY just recently! http://youtu.be/W0nKI0zBexA