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ReadyForAction 02/16/11 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 85243672)
Knowing that you read my words makes me happier than when Jar Jar Binks found out he was safe from the enormous glowing sea creatures in the waters of Naboo. I'm all about these Star Wars references today.

I support this the same way the Trade Federation supported Darth Sidious

2LW 02/16/11 04:05 AM

Really don't care about scores, but I liked the review. This album rules.

ched zeppelin 02/16/11 04:38 AM

You also forgot to mention the artwork is sick!!!

themagicrat 02/16/11 05:03 AM

I'm kind of disappointed by this one. I think this record is completely over produced.

brandon_260 02/16/11 05:14 AM

I'm waiting for the album to come out to listen, but it's one of my most anticipated

Steeeve Perry 02/16/11 05:19 AM

I used to think I just liked you because:
A. I love Flight of the Conchords, and
B. You introduced me to The Upsides.
However, you are a great writer. I think I've read you are studying writing and, as a journalist, I must say your work is great and oft-improving.

CH!MP 02/16/11 05:19 AM

this is decent but people on this sight never seem to mention that these guys write similar-sounding songs. It's why I couldn't get into their last album after the first few tracks and it's the same with this album. Just my view. The production is great though.

Ryan Gardner 02/16/11 05:37 AM

Great review, Thomas. This album is great.

jpd19125 02/16/11 06:00 AM

whats up with the astronaut? tribute to brand new?

xent 02/16/11 06:08 AM

this is the first time i heard a whole bayside album and it don't disappoint me..it is good!

mms13 02/16/11 06:31 AM

I love this album! These guys deserve way more recognition than they're getting.

mms13 02/16/11 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by themagicrat (Post 85244602)
I'm kind of disappointed by this one. I think this record is completely over produced.


bdonne07 02/16/11 06:46 AM

unless his fury on the masses = UNLEASH his fury on the masses

Great review Thomas. I streamed it yesterday twice through and liked it a lot (it really does blend their old albums). I can tell you know your Bayside, so as a fellow diehard, I appreciate that.

Momo32T 02/16/11 06:49 AM

Great review Thomas. I definitely agree about the opening lines to "The Wrong Way", probably the most beautifully harsh lyrics Anthony has ever written.

I can't say that this record is flawless, especially with the production. I feel some parts are over-polished, but I think that overall Gil Norton was a positive influence on the album. There are times where I think Jack's riffs blend together, especially on "Seeing Sound" and "The Wrong Way". While they are fantastic guitar parts, I do feel in some ways that The Walking Wounded was more experimental than this album is.

But then again, I think this album will stand out better to me over time. Shudder initially didn't grab my attention like other albums did, but now I find that it is a staple in their discography. I am very curious to see how the b-sides turned out. Bayside was never really a band to have them until now, except the one that was on Shudder.

themagicrat 02/16/11 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by mms13 (Post 85245631)

I feel like the production on this record removed the edge that Bayside has always had. They just seem too smooth and too polished for me on this record.