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jusscali 02/16/11 06:57 AM

Record rules, but I completely disagree with the stand out tracks. Sick, Sick, Sick and Seeing Sound are definitely at the way bottom for me.

mms13 02/16/11 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by themagicrat (Post 85245991)
I feel like the production on this record removed the edge that Bayside has always had. They just seem too smooth and too polished for me on this record.

I mean the production is definitely better than their previous albums but I wouldn't call it 'over-produced'. I did pick up on the added tambourines and shit like that but I don't think it takes any edge away from bayside.

bobthebaker81 02/16/11 07:40 AM

in otherwords, its awesome.

xonlyxashesx 02/16/11 08:10 AM

I am a little disappointing with this album, I expected it to be a bit harder sounding, or at least more like a throw back to sirens and condolences. But it is still a very good album and I can't wait to get it in the mail next week.

BTW @ the added trombones and "over production" comment. We saw that in the Walking Wounded and Shudder. It's just them growing as musicians and the record company putting more money in their records which is kind of a good thing, imo.

jdr277 02/16/11 08:11 AM

When I heard the first 3 songs before the album was out I was worried they had already shown us the best of the album... I WAS WRONG! The entire album is amazing like every other one and the singles didn't ruin the experience at all. Glad it's such an upbeat album (perfect for the gym.) This is the only band I know to release 5 solid albums flawlessly. No wonder Bayside is a cult.

billysurvive 02/16/11 08:18 AM

Great review. Made me even more excited to hear the album.

brent_ster 02/16/11 08:21 AM

Amazing record and a excellent review for it, great job as usual Thomas your reviews are my favourite on this site. You really hit the hammer on the nail most of the time.

gonfreaks 02/16/11 08:39 AM

Great review for a fantastic album. Absolutely the album of the band's career so far.

CoopDawg 02/16/11 08:42 AM

My favorite Bayside record by far.

SmallFrailBoy 02/16/11 08:47 AM

Solid review, Thomas! I agree with the score entirely. I think this is one of their best albums (might even top The Walking Wounded in my book). And the production sounds better than any of their other albums. And the lyrics aren't nearly as depressing and petulant as Shudder.

kristanxmarie 02/16/11 08:51 AM

Great album, great review.

Matt Chylak 02/16/11 08:55 AM

this is the only Bayside record I've listened to other than the self-titled. really good, though his voice has changed a lot

mattlol 02/16/11 08:58 AM

absolutely fantastic album. i'd like to say it's already a contender for album of the year but as we all know, march alone is going to bring yellowcard, the strokes, panic, and rise against among others, so i guess time will tell. torn over whether to see these guys or NFG at soundwave festival next week. i've already seen NFG, and will probably end up watching them again, but i'm thinking i will regret it later on in the year when this album has grown on me more.

Yellowcard2006 02/16/11 09:07 AM

Damn I'm so stoked to hear this album I might explode. Great review, can't wait to pick it up next week.

seraph1214 02/16/11 09:09 AM

Really think that with more listens, this could possibly overtake The Walking Wounded for me.