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Kyle Huntington 02/16/11 08:23 AM

Slam Dunk Festival
This year's Slam Dunk Festival has announced that Less Than Jake, The Starting Line, Reel Big Fish and more will be playing. Head to the replies to see more details.

Submitted by DanTGD

Kyle Huntington 02/16/11 08:23 AM

Johnny Famous 02/16/11 08:54 AM

In shock that The Starting Line are on the bill. Praying they have there own tour around this! Glad to see RBF added as well, interested too see who else will be added as i'm not overly fussed with the rest of the line-up..

loserb0i 02/16/11 09:04 AM

so far the line up is pretty stale and nothing special (with the exception of TSL)
last year was succesful cos of how fresh it all was, ive seen most of these bands enough already and im struggling to get excited for them again

zachff 02/16/11 09:14 AM

Hmm, I'd go for TSL and MC Lars if I was on that side of the pond

pennie 02/16/11 09:19 AM

I'd go for The Starting Line. Nothing else though

MorningStar10 02/16/11 09:40 AM

Starting Line would be good to see, Set your goals have already self-confirmed, hoping Wonder Years, FYS play again.

Jon02 02/16/11 09:51 AM

Fuckkkkkkk TSL in the UK again

I'm really hoping they do a few other dates which are a bit closer to me

BigG1392 02/16/11 09:59 AM

a new TSL album is inevitable... can't wait for them to tour the US again

ryan_hm 02/16/11 10:47 AM

Besides TSL, does not hold a candle to last year's lineup. Letdown.

Rysker6 02/16/11 10:57 AM

I'd go jus for Less Than Jake and TSL. Also I love how there's no mention for Mayday.

domotime2 02/16/11 11:18 PM

haha people are more excited about shit acts like mc lars, starting line, and mayday parade instead of ltj/rbf...sad world

Emmure408 02/17/11 02:38 AM

ltj & rbf should be at the bottom cuz ska suuuuucks

Jerzeyboy525 02/17/11 09:55 AM

id go for Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, and TSL (if i had time)