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Keagan Ilvonen 02/19/11 08:44 AM

Live DRUGS and The Hangman
You can watch Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows perform a four song set and a short interview with Craig, here. Also, another new track titled, "The Hangman" can be heard on purevolume.

FallOutWeeze 02/19/11 08:47 AM


xxshawn 02/19/11 08:50 AM

inb4 "why does this band get so much coverage on this site?"

Also love this song, love this whole damn album.

Not feeling the live performance too much. Craig could really use a vocal coach to help work on his pitch. He sounds really flat at part and it bothers me. :\

As much as I've loved this and Chiodos, live his vocal performance could've used a bit of work.

Smeee 02/19/11 08:50 AM

Pretty much every song I've heard so far has just left me thinking "Ehhhh". They're not bad... Just not anything special. I wish I liked them more.

jaredohgren 02/19/11 08:53 AM

They're pretty solid live.
He's improved a lot since Chiodos.
Album is pretty good too, minus a few tracks.

foleyfrosh14 02/19/11 08:54 AM

sounding pretty damn good live.

Ricketts 02/19/11 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by Smeee (Post 85413681)
Pretty much everything song I've heard so far has just left me thinking "Ehhhh". They're not bad... Just not anything special. I wish I liked them more.

Exactly how I feel.

Hail Lelouch 02/19/11 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by Ricketts (Post 85414341)
Exactly how I feel.

Great Avatar man

ohitsmark 02/19/11 09:18 AM

Awwwww, no credit.

Ricketts 02/19/11 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Hail Lelouch (Post 85414522)
Great Avatar man

Thanks, man. I can NOT fucking wait for that game. Playing ME2 right now.

LessThanOnyEe 02/19/11 09:42 AM

I didn't think that they would release songs over the weekend but this is a nice surprise. I like The Hangman.

pasthefence49 02/19/11 10:08 AM

Well thanks DRUGS for posting the whole album track by track online, leave nothing to the imagination


phillycheese37 02/19/11 10:08 AM

That's such a fucking shame. They're playing along to a background sample track with keys, gang vocals and harmonies. That's almost as bad as lip synching in my book. Play your own instruments and sing your own songs, kiddies.

EDIT: And a lead guitar track on Swagger. I'm so disappointed in you, Matt Good. Play your own leads.

SteveD 02/19/11 10:17 AM

Pretty bad album. New Chiodos just slaughtered it.


Josh20426 02/19/11 10:25 AM

Had they released the album with only releasing a song or two, I probably definitely would have purchased it. Thanks to them releasing every track, I now know not to waste my money, I don't like the majority of these songs.