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Christian Wagner 02/19/11 10:51 AM

State Champs on Purevolume
State Champs is featured on Purevolume. They are giving away "How It Used To Be" for free download.

saturday_snow_squall 02/19/11 11:02 AM

everyone download this pleaseeee. incredible band.

fothermucker 02/19/11 11:17 AM

If people haven't listened to the entire ep yet, what are you doing with your life.

Keagan Ilvonen 02/19/11 11:35 AM


Chris Immunity 02/19/11 11:58 AM

Such a good band!

AlexJLow 02/19/11 02:16 PM

Top Song!

Keagan Ilvonen 02/19/11 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by Chris Immunity (Post 85419952)
Such a good band!

Glad to have the Immunity seal of approval ;-)

seanr91 02/19/11 05:40 PM

Such an amazing EP. Always in my rotation

birtcho 02/19/11 05:44 PM

Killer EP

radashlee 02/19/11 07:15 PM

mixed feelings about this band. good ep though.

more heart 02/19/11 09:14 PM

Band rules hard.

Chris Immunity 02/19/11 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by Keagan Ilvonen (Post 85425802)
Glad to have the Immunity seal of approval ;-)

I love you <3

applesandcyanid 02/20/11 06:34 AM

Band is awesome.. their manager is kind of a dbag though.. hahaha!

burnwallstreet 02/20/11 08:13 PM

helll yeahh

ariddle 02/21/11 11:18 AM

Been blasting this EP since I got it in the mail! 2011 is gonna be a good year for them.