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Deborah Remus 02/19/11 11:33 PM

Hawthorne Heights Tour Dates
Hawthorne Heights, Veara, After Midnight Project and Handguns will be heading out on tour together. Dates are in the replies.

Submitted by irishcarbomb

Deborah Remus 02/19/11 11:34 PM

Tour DatesMarch 31 Louisville, OH - Carriage House
April1 Westland, MI - The Token Lounge
April 2 Steger, IL - Another Hole In The Wall
April 3 Toledo, OH - Frankie’s
April 4 Pittsburg, PA - Diesel Club Lounge
April 5 Allentown, PA - Croc Rock
April 6 Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
April 7 Albany, NY - Bogies
April 8 Providence, RI - The Ruins in The Colosseum
April 9 Manchester, NH - Rockos
Veara drops off the tour, but dates continue here.

sweetfootaction 02/19/11 11:37 PM

I have never been to Westland, but I may have to make a trip there for Handguns.

EDIT: It's almost south of Detroit. Nevermind, I like Handguns a lot, but not enough to travel nearly four hours and in Detroit traffic for.

schlotty 02/19/11 11:38 PM

Hopefully they add some more dates. I missed them the last time they came to Omaha.

HaileyItHappens 02/19/11 11:43 PM

I really am surprised that HH hasn't broken up.

TheRealJohnOC 02/19/11 11:51 PM

There are more tour dates not listed: 4/13 at Webster Hall Studio in NYC and 4/14 at School of Rock in NJ

Emmure408 02/19/11 11:56 PM

(like i said about The Used) just played warped tour!

more heart 02/19/11 11:59 PM

This is such a weird lineup. It's like one half of the tour could function as its own tour and the same for the other half, but together?

Sherrice 02/20/11 12:01 AM

Came in here all excited...:-(

Deborah Remus 02/20/11 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by TheRealJohnOC (Post 85448821)
There are more tour dates not listed: 4/13 at Webster Hall Studio in NYC and 4/14 at School of Rock in NJ

You're right. I just looked it up. It looks like Veara drops off the tour and the user must have submitted the dates with all 4 bands. It looks like it goes even beyond those 2 dates you mentioned too, but it's all on their myspace and it will take me forever to format so I will link for now.

tuckzilla 02/20/11 12:09 AM

The tour runs from March 31-May 1. All dates should be posted soon!

cubsml34 02/20/11 12:22 AM

Steger, really? The fact they can't get a show at least somewhere in the city blows my mind

Mikey18244 02/20/11 12:33 AM

I really just wanna watch them have an acoustic show,it would be sick and I missed my chance

RiCCioLi 02/20/11 12:50 AM

It sucks that HH used to play huge like 3000+ venues and now can only pack like a third of that now. Bummer too because they have been through so much and grown to be even better now than ever.

The Revisionist 02/20/11 12:53 AM

I went to high school with one of the guitar players from After Midnight Project... I can't stand that band, but I'm super happy that he's really happy doing his thing.