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Matthew Tsai 02/22/11 10:29 AM

Transient Years
The Body Rampant will release Transient Years on April 5th. Head to their myspace to hear two new songs.

danielsontherun 02/22/11 12:06 PM

Songs are awesome. EP produced by Casey Bates (Pierce The Veil, Chiodos, Gatsby's American Dream). Very excited for people to take notice of this band.

himynameisjm 02/22/11 12:27 PM


pinkdressinpari 02/22/11 12:30 PM

this band is awesome. cannot wait till they come to austin

PetitnaindesĪles 02/22/11 12:33 PM

First listen and i really like it.

aradiantsunrise 02/22/11 12:35 PM

This band is really good.

Ohaidere 02/22/11 12:37 PM

TBR is a brilliant band with a bright future.

heymcgowan 02/22/11 01:01 PM

These songs are really good! Can't wait to see what they come up with in the future

LordDukeMumbly 02/22/11 04:12 PM

TBR is so legit.

aspartame 02/23/11 09:45 AM

Framework was ridiculously good. Soo excited for their new stuff. Much love to this band.