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Keagan Ilvonen 02/24/11 12:30 PM

Bullet Music Video
Head to the replies to see Steel Train's new music video for "Bullet."

Keagan Ilvonen 02/24/11 12:30 PM

NateFoundGlory 02/24/11 12:39 PM

I fucking adore this band. Loving this video, really cool.

XenoAbe 02/24/11 12:40 PM

Great song. Good video.

dash64 02/24/11 12:42 PM

Probably my favorite song off the album. Music video was perfect!

CannoliIsGood 02/24/11 01:05 PM

i feel like a lot of people havent heard of these guys, but they are solid. def worth checking out

rob_mylo 02/24/11 01:15 PM

favorite band.
good video

loserkidchad 02/24/11 01:17 PM

Love this band.

MyJukeboxBroke 02/24/11 01:22 PM

favorite random album i ever bought. these guys were killer live with fun.

AC91 02/24/11 01:32 PM

This band is amazing. This video is great.

BroNamath 02/24/11 01:35 PM

one of my favorite songs of the album, awesome video

S9Dallasoz 02/24/11 01:51 PM

Song is so good.

circasurvivor91 02/24/11 02:11 PM

How nice for Jack to include Rachel in the video

dani1292 02/24/11 02:15 PM

I'm loving the video. These guys are too good.

irthesteve 02/24/11 02:21 PM

this album is too good