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Lueda Alia 02/25/11 12:06 PM

Video Premiere: Wires Under Tension
If you liked our stream of Wires Under Tension's debut Light Science, go check out their awesome video for the song "Electricity Turns Them On" in the replies. Make sure to purchase the album over at Western Vinyl if you haven't yet. Enjoy.

Lueda Alia 02/25/11 12:06 PM

oldwirehands 02/25/11 12:10 PM

Damn these dudes are cool. Can't wait for my record to come in the mail!

Kbm600 02/25/11 12:38 PM

Fantastic song and great debut.

Tristan Needler 02/25/11 02:04 PM

I've never heard these guys before, but that was fantastic.

PeeDster 02/25/11 02:07 PM

Really enjoyed that.

KabirManzano 02/25/11 03:08 PM

Algo diferente y me gustó.

Wake Up 02/25/11 03:39 PM


Confesshh 02/26/11 01:54 AM

it's pretty outstanding that none of that is programmed in a computer