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Blake Solomon 02/26/11 12:20 AM

Lydia Demo Resurfaces
A demo version of Lydia's "A Place Near the City," which is titled "Cliff Jumping," has surfaced on youtube. Check it out in the replies.

Submitted by taylerx0

Blake Solomon 02/26/11 12:20 AM

bandnamexmyname 02/26/11 12:26 AM

I love this.

Wisher 02/26/11 12:27 AM

oh my god this is the bes tthing ever.

*dannyg* 02/26/11 12:57 AM

Lydia never gets old...They made some of the best music in recent years. They're very missed!

spansen 02/26/11 01:24 AM

illuminate is absolutely perfect, and i can't select a favorite from it. the final ep was good, too. not so much a fan of that first record, though..

armoireofdoom 02/26/11 02:47 AM

Such a good track.

aradiantsunrise 02/26/11 03:00 AM

Love it.

tonethehero 02/26/11 03:01 AM

Dear God I miss This band.

Don't get me started on how Bitchin it'd be to have illuminate on vinyl..zomg...

djsclaus 02/26/11 03:02 AM

I miss them so much :(

Yeti13 02/26/11 03:02 AM

Thats all it takes to make my day

JamesBond 02/26/11 03:20 AM

Can't they just die already. They blew a golden opportunity.

aradiantsunrise 02/26/11 03:24 AM


Originally Posted by JamesBond (Post 85781631)
Can't they just die already. They blew a golden opportunity.

Delete yourself.

germany 02/26/11 03:53 AM

:( such a bummer they aren't still together

Pawan1993 02/26/11 04:46 AM

It's just like remembering the good times you've had with an ex...