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Keagan Ilvonen 03/17/11 10:41 AM

Pull In The Graduate
The Graduate's new video for "Pull Me In" can be seen in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 03/17/11 10:41 AM

bandnamexmyname 03/17/11 10:43 AM


Shakriel 03/17/11 10:56 AM

I liked the video, and love this song.

fallingapart101 03/17/11 11:02 AM

Been watching this for awhile now, it's been up on youtube for a week now, but the band never officially annouced it. Great video, and my favorite off the new album

incognitojones 03/17/11 11:05 AM

Great song, great video, great band. This makes me want to go out and fall in love.

sweetforever 03/17/11 11:06 AM

Great song and excellent album as well, spun it yesterday

wall e 03/17/11 11:07 AM

That was honestly beautiful

tjm125 03/17/11 11:10 AM

Great video. Redhead is gorgeous!

Yellowcard2006 03/17/11 11:14 AM

Great video

Fantastic song

Awesome album.

mayday 03/17/11 11:19 AM

Fuck Vevo for blocking this in my country.

PetitnaindesĪles 03/17/11 11:24 AM

"Not available on your country" Fuuuuuuuu

brenByah 03/17/11 11:28 AM

Love the band, the song, the album, the video

Khouse89 03/17/11 11:31 AM

I think technical problems kept them from releasing it sooner

ched zeppelin 03/17/11 11:42 AM

Not available in my country, whats the point!!