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Alex DiVincenzo 03/17/11 02:25 PM

Zune is Dead
Microsoft will cease development of Zune music players, although the software will continue.

steve187 03/17/11 02:25 PM

Zunes sucked anyway. iPod all day.

bandnamexmyname 03/17/11 02:26 PM

Old news, but yeah. Sucks.

NarcolepsySmile 03/17/11 02:26 PM

If they weren't the size of bricks I would have at least considered them.

mymusicismylife 03/17/11 02:30 PM

My Zune served me well, switched back to iPod after it broke though.

As Derrick Rust 03/17/11 02:34 PM

Man this sucks. I love both of my zunes and they have no issues.

Acad08 03/17/11 02:34 PM

My Zune HD is awesome, alot nicer than the old brick-style Zunes. I love the engine and the layout of the software also. This is sad news!

epaynedds 03/17/11 02:39 PM

Why get anything other than an iPod?

incognitojones 03/17/11 02:42 PM

Technological Darwinism at work.

Chris Collum 03/17/11 02:44 PM


DanTGD 03/17/11 02:44 PM

atticus18244fss 03/17/11 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by steve187 (Post 86694121)
Zunes sucked anyway. iPod all day.

Without competition Apple has no reason to continue improving iPods at a quick rate. Competition=good.

MADSTA 03/17/11 02:47 PM

Zune software was hellish.

pnkhrdwndr 03/17/11 02:48 PM

score one for the iPod

TheRealJohnOC 03/17/11 02:49 PM

I got a Philips GoGear and it still works great since I got it in 2005