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IndieKid! 03/18/11 06:41 AM


Originally Posted by j-dogg_69 (Post 86709002)
I just had a quick check of the major electronics retailers in the UK, none stock Zunes...kind of says it all really

Their tactic made no sense

1) Design decent media player
2) only distribute in one country
3) ? take over world somehow ?

zooyorker182 03/18/11 07:29 AM

figures lol

nmahlmeister 03/18/11 09:26 AM

More like mp3 players are dead.

SunnyInPhilly 03/18/11 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by Echoes (Post 86717351)
In what way was the Zune, particularly the HD, a piece of junk?

He can't actually answer that because he's most likely never used one, and if he has it was the first gen brick.


Originally Posted by TheFaceOfZach (Post 86713921)
I posted a link too. Seems like people didn't really read through. The person who put this up could've done more research before posting it.

Yea, it's pretty bad when it specifically says in the posted article:

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the hardware's demise.
I won't hold my breath for them to post a correction though.


Originally Posted by j-dogg_69 (Post 86713872)
ah that eaxplains that then. Why weren't they sold outside the US? seems like a very poor business plan...

I had heard early last year that they were planning on selling them in Canada. Not sure if that ever happened though. Some of Microsoft's marketing decisions really make me scratch my head.

bNz719 03/18/11 10:21 AM

Saddened by this news. I've been a Zune person since the original Zune could be used as a cement brick. I love my HD now. Not a surprise that this happened, though.

punk89 03/18/11 10:51 AM

I haven't seen how the Zunes have improved in recent years, but when my friend bought one in 2007 he instantly wished he had my iPod.

But I know nothing about this Zune HD. Only hearing good things.

MichaelShore 03/18/11 01:12 PM

Oh well

icstars989 03/18/11 01:54 PM

You do know MS has not confirmed this? Kind of a misleading title...

sjb2k1 03/18/11 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Chris92 (Post 86696921)
Wow, either you don't understand how digital media formats work, or you're a fucking idiot for buying/ripping WMAs. Also I'm pretty sure they both have the same 1/8" headphone jack so yeah, I wouldn't worry about new speakers unless your speakers operate through the USB port. And your shit still works with your Zune, obviously.

Alternately you could stop bitching about your family, get a fucking job, and buy your own stuff.

thank you for saving me the trouble of typing the same thing.

Atticus_86 03/19/11 05:56 AM

i like my zune,i dug the software and the monthly pass thing. I really dont give a shit if they stop makeing them either....i think every body saw this coming.
I just dont get why there so many apple fan boys, its a fucking billion dollar company thats makes over priced products for Christ sakes. on the other hand that evil bill gates guy is giving way most of his fortune...what a dick.

ryanbrogz 03/19/11 06:40 AM

I got a 2nd gen Zune the day it came out in 07. Still have it and it works great, I always thought the heat sensitive touch pad to navigate around was a little easier than the circle on the ipod. Microsoft killed themselves when they released the 1st gen in 06. That thing was a brick and just outright terrible, they rushed the product out to get into the market instead of waiting the extra time to produce a nicer product. Also they always had the same price as ipods and apple products too until recently, they should have been a little cheaper retail price to give the consumer some incentive to actually buying it instead.

oh well, i'll keep my zune till it breaks, going on 4 year strong now. Pun? anyone?

Ashur 03/22/11 11:06 AM