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Blake Solomon 03/21/11 09:23 AM

Ronnie's Big Talkin'
Ronnie Vannuci's (The Killers) new album will be titled Big Talk and will feature Matt Sharp (ex-Weezer) playing bass.

Submitted by liar23

Zulufu 03/21/11 09:32 AM


Why Bother? 03/21/11 09:42 AM


MichaelCarnahan 03/21/11 09:45 AM


Thursdaysox 03/21/11 10:07 AM


tonighttonight0 03/21/11 10:29 AM

Well, now I have to listen to this album.

Metal Now 03/21/11 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by tonighttonight0 (Post 86856662)
Well, now I have to listen to this album.

Pretty much.

DooDooBird 03/21/11 11:23 AM

Matt Sharp. Dude is laughing hysterically at how bad Weezer is these days.

trojanick 03/21/11 11:47 AM

What ever happened to that supergroup he was in w/ the lead singer from Keane?

CoheedForever 03/21/11 12:05 PM

Very cool.

Loyaltabk 03/21/11 12:34 PM

Matt Sharp is so good at what he does

AdamChildress 03/21/11 12:39 PM


hectorial85 03/21/11 01:33 PM

Good stuff.

TRUDYNEWMAN 03/21/11 02:00 PM

so does anyone know what to expect? Vannuci's chops are extreme sex. are there demos?

dogsizedbirdIII 03/21/11 02:26 PM

mmm love Matt Sharp, but hate the Killers enough to where I see no point in checking this out.