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Tony Pascarella 03/23/11 09:55 AM

Unsigned Spotlight: Culprit
We'd like to introduce you to our newest unsigned spotlight, Culprit. The LA-based group's new EP, Analogue, is set for release on April 19, and you won't want to miss it. "Siren" is streaming on their AP.net profile, and their music video for the song can be found in the replies.

Tony Pascarella 03/23/11 09:55 AM

TSTLSOOM 03/23/11 10:15 AM

good stuff, they did a few things at the radio station at my school.


nateisbliss 03/23/11 11:25 AM

Love this video...and this band.

himynameisjm 03/23/11 11:41 AM

hell yea
culprit gets shit done =P

fuldanips 03/23/11 12:02 PM


PetitnaindesĪles 03/23/11 12:15 PM

Pretty groovy, i'm looking forward to the EP.

incognitojones 03/23/11 01:41 PM

Nice to see some consistent unsigned spotlights.

evilandgood 03/23/11 08:32 PM

How does one get some Unsigned Spotlight love?

JCSurf27 03/23/11 11:09 PM

Dig the West Virginia Mens Basketball spot on the tv when there at the bar in the beginning of the video.

Dig the song also.