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Blake Solomon 03/23/11 12:53 PM

Koji/La Dispute Split
Koji and La Dispute will be releasing a split entitled Never Come Undone through No Sleep Records on May 3rd. Head to the replies for more info.

Blake Solomon 03/23/11 12:53 PM

info“Never Come Undone,” the forthcoming split 12” release from Harrisburg, PA singer-songwriter Andew Koji Shiraki and Grand Rapids, MI outfit La Dispute is, above all things, an attempt to transcend musical differences; to show that, where a middle ground exists ethically and emotionally, differences in genre and style are rendered irrelevant, and the greater truth is made apparent. Birthed from a friendship grounded more in similarities in intention and approach than in musical commonality, “Never Come Undone” seeks to highlight those important similarities by exploring a new congruence musically while discussing separately the same topic. Featuring two songs from Koji (one original and one cover) and two songs from La Dispute (one original and one re-imagining of a track from 2008‘s Somewhere…), the record reflects heavily on the two artists’ individual experiences with loss and their reaction to it. Through that, the aforementioned emotional and personal similarities shine through, showing that while contrasts may exist between people on the surface, a common thread binds them. At the same time, and perhaps most poignantly, some differences still exist (and differences always will) but neither the record, nor the friendship that inspired it, suffers. Recorded separately at Drasik Studios in Chicago, IL (Koji) and at StadiumRed in Harlem, NY (La Dispute) “Never Come Undone” shows Koji and La Dispute at the peak of their friendship exploring new personal ground both musically and lyrically and will be released May 3rd on one-sided 12” by No Sleep Records.

samOTG 03/23/11 12:54 PM

will be perfect. artwork is gorgeous

Spartan789013 03/23/11 01:01 PM

No Sleep continues to rise to one of my favorite labels, So fucking pumped for the tour too.

Colinmac36 03/23/11 01:01 PM

love the artwork, la dispute and koji are awesome, double win!

Zack Zarrillo 03/23/11 01:14 PM

The year of No Sleep.

LexXchaos 03/23/11 01:15 PM

Interesting combination. I love them both so this is awesome!

Gwytherspoon 03/23/11 01:21 PM

Great news!

takeiteasy_ 03/23/11 01:21 PM

I want

Hereformusic 03/23/11 01:25 PM

Yay!! More Koji.

COREhorizon 03/23/11 01:28 PM

Every split I hear about is amazing.

Jaytothesyg 03/23/11 01:31 PM

Too stoked. Gonna be so good!

Sheluligans 03/23/11 01:33 PM

I wonder which song they're redoing.

troubledbyinsects 03/23/11 01:36 PM

ugh. so much shit has been coming out lately that i want to buy.

poserscenemokid 03/23/11 01:36 PM

This should be good.