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Jamie Pham 03/24/11 01:25 PM

Red Jumpsuit Lyric Video
Head to the replies to check out a lyric video for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' new single, "Reap." The single will be coming out on April 26th and expect the new record in August (produced by John Feldmann).

Jamie Pham 03/24/11 01:25 PM

Elscorcho2008 03/24/11 01:26 PM

Do you feel like a man when you push her around?

funnydave 03/24/11 01:28 PM

do you feeeeeel better now

jdr277 03/24/11 01:32 PM

I like this... Haven't really liked anything since the debut so maybe they're not dead to me.

TalkingtoMyself 03/24/11 01:33 PM

Asss She Fallllss 2 Deeee Grounnnddd!!!!111. Edit: Besides from the obnoxious vocals (and video), this was a solid pop song.

JoeForPresident 03/24/11 01:34 PM

i like the heavyness of this track. but the chorus is boring

LPdude27 03/24/11 01:35 PM

Return to form? I sure hope so! Wasn't expecting much but I could get behind this for sure. It's got some of that old-school The Used in it. Good stuff!

Kobrakai09 03/24/11 01:37 PM

sounds like feldmann (and DRUGS), which is a good thing for me. but muscially, i don't like the track, or particularly the vocalists voice any more X-)

kidinthebushes 03/24/11 01:38 PM

These guys are going through a serious identity crisis. I should be their psychologist. GO BACK TO WHAT GOT YOU POPULAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!

simplejack 03/24/11 01:44 PM

has a DYFI feel so my expectations are up, wouldn't have chosen this song as a first single, though.

ScarsThatSmile 03/24/11 01:45 PM

They need to go back to the sound they had on there first album , enough said..

JTHomeslice 03/24/11 01:46 PM

Is Ronnie gonna come in here and bitch everyone out?

Zack Zarrillo 03/24/11 01:48 PM

I had no idea they had a "harder" sound.

Craig Ismaili 03/24/11 01:50 PM

Haha this song is hilariously bad. I miss don't you fake it