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Alex DiVincenzo 03/24/11 02:18 PM

Sum 41 Album Stream
Sum 41's new album, Screaming Bloody Murder, is streaming here. What do you think?

Mattylikesfilms 03/24/11 02:20 PM

I think it's a strong competitor against Chuck for being the bands best record.

kcpunk 03/24/11 02:21 PM


John_Barnes 03/24/11 02:23 PM

Better than Underclass Hero.

zoidbergPL 03/24/11 02:26 PM

Great^^ the best record sum 41

Ryan Gardner 03/24/11 02:30 PM

Just not really feeling this I guess, unlike most. Sounds more like MCR than Sum 41, but that's just my opinion.

Enjoy a few tracks quite a bit, though.

Kiguel182 03/24/11 02:31 PM

not as great as I tought it would be, but I need to listen to it more. But it's not their best one for sure.

sowrongitsjack 03/24/11 02:33 PM

Time for you to go is the best song Billy Idol never wrote

circletheworld 03/24/11 02:33 PM

it pretty decent. i like it

AussieBoy 03/24/11 02:34 PM

i need more than one listen. but not sure. i think it still doesnt feel right again with Brownsound missing

sowrongitsjack 03/24/11 02:44 PM

What Am I To Say is so good. Deryck is the man.

IamTheINDUSTRY 03/24/11 02:45 PM

only 1 bad song

EndHasAStart 03/24/11 02:46 PM

Basically jizzed in my pants at the title song.

hectorial85 03/24/11 02:50 PM

Back to form. I dig it.

YOUAREtehSCENE 03/24/11 02:55 PM

had the cd for some time now I'm not impressed I got over this band.. there last disc I do enjoy and there other cds were not bad esp the radio hits thats about it! grew up and out of this band!