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Christian Wagner 03/25/11 07:15 AM

New Good Charlotte Interview
A new interview with Good Charlotte discussing the band's past and future touring as well as their music video for "Sex On The Radio" can be read here.

chiggles 03/25/11 07:28 AM

I wasn't a fan of Cardiology at all, thought it just seemed lazy. While a few catchy songs could be found, the rest was just so damn forgettable.

katielocks 03/25/11 07:48 AM

i just really fucking love this band.

Tezzie 03/25/11 07:50 AM


My name’s Deano, and I play drums in Good Charlotte. I am the drummer. I said that twice, sorry

I freaking adore this man

brentstailing 03/25/11 08:26 AM

Good read. Always loved these guys.

UnderclasHero 03/25/11 02:27 PM

Luv these dudes

Maia_GC 03/25/11 08:00 PM

"...but in the US you come out alternative and when you get a hit you sell out. Is that fair? On our side of the fence, no. I don't care if you just started a shoe company, you want it to blow up. You want to be successful doing what you're doing. Any band that says "no" to that is lying."

I love Deano! Great answers.

hello299 03/26/11 07:31 AM

Underrated band on this site.

menthik 05/27/11 03:44 AM

Deano.. so adorabel