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kaduck2007 03/29/11 01:34 PM

Awesome review Drew! Never been a huge thursday fan, but have always respected what they do. Definitely want to give this one a listen after reading your review. Good work

sammyboy516 03/29/11 02:04 PM

That is a very high rating. I might have to check it out; it'll be my first Thursday record.

allisterkid 03/29/11 02:12 PM

Not that I read TOOOO much into the actually score ratings, but 98% is the highest I've seen in a looooooong time. Pumped for the record ,and my anticipation just increased even more.

lp670sv 03/29/11 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Geoffthurs (Post 87267882)
Hahahaha. The difference between the reviewer scores and member scores is hilarious considering the members haven't even heard the record yet. That's the LOL.

it's always that way and it really pisses me off cause i know there are some people that won't give albums a chance when the see the low user score even though the album isn't even out so none of the people that voted have heard it, they are either people who really love of the band and just give it an automatic 10 of 10 or people who hate the band and give it an automatic zero. i wish there was a way to lock member voting until it releases

schlotty 03/29/11 02:20 PM

You always write the best reviews Drew. Can't wait to listen to this.

Spartan789013 03/29/11 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by Un'Aria Ancora (Post 87274192)
98... so this tops Abbey Road? OK Computer? Zeppelin IV?

That is exactly correct.

Don't hate.

TwelveTribes230 03/29/11 02:54 PM

Sooo looking forward to this!

DylanPPPP 03/29/11 03:15 PM

Lol at people actually taking the score seriously. We all know when Drew loves an album he LOVES an album. It's all just an overstatement.

Young Machetes 03/29/11 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by Spartan789013 (Post 87267541)
I'm really curious to how you have already determined the score is too high without ever hearing the entire album.

Score is irrelevant when music is subjective.

Then why did you take the time to post this response, if music is subjective?

I haven't heard this, and I don't care to. Drew's scores are always too high when it comes to an album he likes, there's little objectivity when it comes to reviews on this site.

I posted "too high" because I love to get a rise out of AP.net's users.

Steeeve Perry 03/29/11 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by Spartan789013 (Post 87285992)
That is exactly correct.

Don't hate.

That is not correct but those albums (apart from LZ4 imo) would be perfect 100s

Shogun 03/29/11 03:35 PM

Good review! The few songs I've heard so far are slowly taking me off of the fence...

Jason Tate 03/29/11 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by Un'Aria Ancora (Post 87282762)
Just saw your "absolutely incredible and worth your time" comment. My bad. Apparently it just bothers me more than it should.

You know what I meant, I know you didn't say that, but I'm saying that the top albums of all time don't deserve a 98.. why would this? And you knew that.

As much as I adore Thursday, no need to chip away at what little cred this site has.

You care wayyyyyy too much.

Jason Tate 03/29/11 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by 4Glory (Post 87271051)
I'm surprised people here still take the numerical ratings system seriously. Yes Drew tends to score his reviews high, but in essence the system as a whole doesn't work with the way this site is run editorially.

When a new album arrives for review, one of the following happens:

- The album is reviewed by a fanboy of the band and scored in the 70-99% range. Usually written very biased. This is why you rarely see staff reviews with scores in the 0-69% range.


- The band meets the fanboy staffer's disapproval, and their album is completely ignored and not reviewed. This is the reason you see some albums from notable artists not get reviewed on this site and slip through the cracks. Particularly lots of metalcore and metal releases. And some other stuff too.

There's no sense in having a ratings system if you're not going to review records and give them low scores. You have to create some sort of balance to tell readers what's a good album and what's not. When you click on a review on this site and it always is scored in the 70-99% range, that's not creating a balance. It's just making people care less about the percentages.

Just for the record: this is not how albums are reviewed. But I do think people should care less about the %.

Jake Jenkins 03/29/11 03:51 PM

holy shit at some of these comments. school can't teach you everything i suppose.

JTMcKrackles 03/29/11 03:59 PM

Wow, so many users here are stupid. Anyways, stoked for this record.