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SHESmyRUSHMORE 04/22/11 05:34 PM

Thursday will go down as one of the most important rock bands out of this "scene". This cd is one of the best things i have ever heard. Stay true is of the greatest closing tracks it completes the album in a way i could have imagined.

skrillzzz1109 04/22/11 07:07 PM

It's hard for me to separate two albums by one band that I love like this. I thought War All of the Time was a PERFECT record. I think it flows together from start to finish flawlessly and Rickly's vocals are as unique as anything I've heard.

I've been force feeding myself this album since I got it because I want to appreciate and love it as it's own separate entity from WATT. It is defintiely growing on me more and more with each listen. Having it on vinyl helps a lot as well as I can really hear the details in each song much more clearly than on CD.

The only obstacle for me with this record is the vocals. The last three albums now seem to feature more of a doubled-up vocal sound on Rickly's part which I believe someone eluded to earlier with their "reverb" comment. I enjoy the raw, passionate, unproduced sound of Ricky's voice on WATT and before much more than the last three albums. In saying that though, musically, this album blows everything else they have done out of the water. The insane amount of layers to each song is incredible. More than ever, I want to go see these guys live just to see how these songs translate. I haven't seen them since before "A City..."

Overall, this album is quickly working it's way up to WATT and may just surpass it after a few more listens.

brook183 04/23/11 10:32 PM

The album deserves every bit of praise that it gets. Anyone that says the production sounds "muddled," I advise you to buy the CD and not download it off of Mediafire. Makes a world of a difference.

maker_break 04/25/11 12:07 AM

True story:

I bought this record and have straight up fucking lost it before getting the chance to listen to it. I'm seriously going to have to buy another copy.

EDIT: Bought the vinyl and it came with a CD. It's all good now. :)

schlotty 04/25/11 08:17 AM

I really like the CD, but I'll still take Full Collapse over this. Maybe I'll give it a few more listens.

Steeeve Perry 04/25/11 04:29 PM

Let this album grow on you, overwhelm you and move you wherever you don't even realise you wanted to go.
Then hit repeat.

tommyhaych 04/28/11 05:50 AM


Originally Posted by Geoffthurs (Post 88067302)
Antidotes by Foals is a favorite. So thanks for the compliment!!!

Geoff, you have awesome taste mate. That's one of my favourites from last decade. I love Foals. I hope you like Total Life Forever as well, it's fucking immense.

Symphonicaxiom 05/01/11 01:26 PM

Great album. Still probably not my favorite, but I like it a lot more than CE. I know they were going for the atmospheric deal, but I wish the vocals were a little higher in the mix.

mortal soldier 05/24/11 07:25 PM

This blows the rest of their discography out of the water. I loved Full Collapse and War All The Time, didn't get super into A City By The Light Divided and never really listened to Common Existence, but after spinning and loving this disc to pieces I feel like I'll understand more where they were going with A City By The Light Divided and enjoy Common Existence as well. The change in production style from War All The Time to A City By The Light Divided really threw some people, but the production on this CD as well as where Rickly's vocals are in the mix are absolutely perfect. Great review, I'm glad I decided to give this disc a shot and I'll be sure to put an ear to everything between this and War All The Time.

sonnyboy 05/30/11 11:29 PM

there is no way to deny the emotion contained in "Stay True"... I'm amazed :o

Rob McWilliams 06/08/11 09:05 AM

AOTY much?

finchty 07/27/11 08:57 AM

Good review.

iebeltje 08/28/11 12:05 PM

haven't gotten around to give this new album a listen.

previous albums were always great, hope this one is as well.

Jake Jenkins 10/24/11 08:27 PM

this is still my album of the year, and has been since the day i heard it. glad i caught them live this year, the new songs sounded incredible in a live setting.

wsoomro 10/28/11 11:49 AM

excited to see this