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SourStuff 03/28/11 12:21 PM

Need to hear this so bad... Who cares if it's not Full Collapse? Everything Thursday's done, imao, has been amazing! This should be the best of them all.

PetitnaindesÎles 03/28/11 12:24 PM

98% ? I was disappointed by Common Existence but now i'm more excited than ever to hear this new album.

Castle Builders 03/28/11 12:33 PM

I made a promise to myself not to download any leaks of this album. I will buy it when releases and listen to it in my bed with headphones while staring at the ceiling. I have already been listening to No Answers, Past and Future Ruins, and Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart on repeat and already feel justified to say this is the best album I haveeverheard. I can't wait to see the reaction on all the doubters faces who wrote this band off as some 'screamo' band.

Sheluligans 03/28/11 12:39 PM

So stoked for this. I need to preorder this pronto.

DylanPPPP 03/28/11 12:39 PM

April 12th cannot come sooner. Damn you and your hype, Drew!

Corey Hoffy 03/28/11 12:44 PM

I've never liked Thursday all that much, but you've never let me down Drew. I'll give it an enthusiastic listen.

hardpill 03/28/11 12:47 PM

Thursday has been a front-runner for favorite band ever since I randomly picked up Waiting in a Hot Topic. It's very re-affirming that they've lasted it out so long and are still putting out quality releases. It also reminds me that there is no excuse for half the crap that finds its way to my ears other than a lack of talent and imagination

RX XR 03/28/11 12:54 PM

98%?!?!?!?!? Straight hyping this record right now, hopefully it lives up to that score!!!

StartAngry&Mad 03/28/11 12:56 PM

So glad to have pre-ordered the vinyl! -- even if I won't be home to pick it up for another 5 months.

I don't know whether my tastes have leaned more towards post-rock and its great that Thursday has evolved in that direction, or if my taste has evolved because of Thursday? Either way, I couldn't be more excited to hear the album, it's always great to hear Thursday hype and hear so many people anxious for a new release from them.

runningohfive 03/28/11 01:38 PM

Thursday has never disappointed me. I'm very excited to hear this.

Adam Pfleider 03/28/11 02:04 PM

"Empty Glass" gives me shivers...nice work Drew!

dogsizedbirdIII 03/28/11 02:07 PM

Glad they stuck with Fridmann on this album, their last two have been my favorites of their career. So excited to hear them go in a more experimental direction with this one, the three songs I've heard have all been awesome.

alice+interiors 03/28/11 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by WhoSaidThat? (Post 87216492)
Wonder how much longer until the "too high" crowd makes its way.

You act like pre-empting it makes it wrong. In all likelihood, it probably will be too high.

circletheworld 03/28/11 02:25 PM

wow.. can't wait for mine to come in the mail

kidinthebushes 03/28/11 02:28 PM

Wow. I might have to check this album out.