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Deborah Remus 04/01/11 11:45 PM

Mother Mother Video
Mother Mother's music video for "The Stand" is being offered for free download by iTunes. You can also watch it in the replies.

Deborah Remus 04/01/11 11:45 PM

TZE 04/02/11 12:03 AM

this is the craziest band name ever

DeathOrGlory 04/02/11 12:30 AM

What a great song/video/album/band.

whatthefruit 04/02/11 12:35 AM

LOVE this song so much.

yufli 04/02/11 03:24 AM

Such a great band... would love to see them live one day, finally.
Haha they said they were called Mother, but then they found out that was taken, so they just added another Mother to it and there ya go.

me7719 04/02/11 04:22 AM

I'm so happy this band is doing so well, all 3 cds are up there in my favourites:)

GoWaitInTheCar 04/02/11 06:52 AM

It's certainly an interesting and catchy track. I have the album, pretty sweet I think. I'd recommend it.

Contortionist 04/02/11 11:17 AM

underrated band. awesome song!

alekahnf 04/02/11 08:13 PM

wow, that was incredibly awesome. i love the vocals they do