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philbylink 04/04/11 07:15 PM

better for them, even though it's shitty circumstances. they shouldn't be on that tour with all of those awful bands.

dani1292 04/04/11 07:16 PM

I hope everything gets resolved. Best of luck to them.

tstick18 04/04/11 07:17 PM

I love this band. Hope all is well.

natalieatsworld 04/04/11 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by tstick18 (Post 87594862)
I love this band. Hope all is well.

this is ot but your Ron Swanson icon is wonderful.

J(E)RB 04/04/11 07:24 PM

They are a fantastic band and will bounce back from this in no time. :-d

tstick18 04/04/11 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by natalieatsworld (Post 87595172)
this is ot but your Ron Swanson icon is wonderful.

Haha, thanks! :-)

incognitojones 04/04/11 07:36 PM

Hope they get back on track, especially when they have better tours coming up.

schmohawk 04/04/11 07:36 PM

oh no... hope all is well

Dob 04/04/11 07:38 PM

they have been moving up pretty quickly...finally, i wonder if everyone was ready for it..

i hope they could get things figured out and get back on the road.

Madasahatter93 04/04/11 07:46 PM

since everyone else on this site seems to entitled to their opinions, i hope they break up.

sammyboy516 04/04/11 07:53 PM

Maybe it's because things are really weird right now.

Seriously though, I hope their drummer's okay and that they can get back out on the road soon.

Roa-Martinez 04/04/11 07:59 PM

Sucks this had to happen on the biggest tour they've ever been on. I know a bunch of people on here don't dig the rest of the bands on that tour but it was great exposure for those dudes and they deserve it with all the hard work they've put in the past few years. Hope everything else gets worked out for them soon.

gurby 04/04/11 08:11 PM

i swear i'm never going to see this band.

NorthstarPark 04/04/11 08:13 PM

I would drop off too if I was touring with those bands.

mikelmc 04/04/11 08:19 PM

this band just can't catch a break.