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Deborah Remus 04/06/11 08:29 AM

Bad Religion on Jimmy Kimmel
Videos of Bad Religion performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week can be found in the replies.

Submitted by kcpunk

Deborah Remus 04/06/11 08:29 AM

NickIsI 04/06/11 08:38 AM

Spot on performance. He's getting/looking old, haha

astaticskyline 04/06/11 08:41 AM

They've still got it.

Posthardcore 04/06/11 08:43 AM

Yikes. Instruments over power the vocals. Horrible IMO.

TheNewBlack88 04/06/11 08:52 AM

These guys play and write punk music for a living at their age. Everyone on this site should bow down. Very few people in the world ever get a chance to play music in the spot light this long into their lives, let alone do it this way.

tobuildabridge 04/06/11 09:00 AM

still the best band in punk rock.

the dissent of man was ridiculously awesome.

always stoked when brett performs.

TheRealJohnOC 04/06/11 09:18 AM

Nice circle pit in the first video. No one moved in the 2nd video though.

Rysker6 04/06/11 09:26 AM

Love the band, hate the show.

icantdecide 04/06/11 09:34 AM

Love this band. Good performances, although the guitar solo in 21st Century Digital Boy was a little sloppy.

pukem0n 04/06/11 09:34 AM

these guys are awesome.

my girlfriends favourite band

TheFitz102 04/06/11 09:57 AM


Originally Posted by Posthardcore (Post 87682451)
Yikes. Instruments over power the vocals. Horrible IMO.

Did we watch the same videos? I could even hear the harmonies which were spot on. These guys are always so tight live. Hard not to want to be them when you grow up =P

combatchuckaa 04/06/11 10:35 AM

3 guitars FTW!

Joey-Wan Kenobi 04/06/11 10:40 AM

Why do I here/see Greg as the new Pete Seeger. ..

Emmure408 04/06/11 11:24 AM

weak crowd
pit shoulda started right when Wrong Way Kids started