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Christian Wagner 04/10/11 02:08 PM

Asking Alexandria Interview
Watch a video interview with Asking Alexandria in the replies.

Christian Wagner 04/10/11 02:09 PM

Brandon Allin 04/10/11 02:28 PM

Awful, awful band.

chrisedwards 04/10/11 02:29 PM

guys an asshole. simple as.

joeycYDG 04/10/11 02:30 PM

So the Seattle incident really didn't change anything?

red8ge 04/10/11 02:32 PM

Why does this site keep posting this guy's interviews?

DCART 04/10/11 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by red8ge (Post 87864392)
Why does this site keep posting this guy's interviews?

how many other ones have you seen?

tottivillarossi 04/10/11 02:44 PM

"Because we're real"


red8ge 04/10/11 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by DCarty61 (Post 87864832)
how many other ones have you seen?

I remember one w/ Black Veil Brides, Motionless In White, and Breathe Carolina. They always stick out to me because usually they're not of bands AP.net covers a lot, and every time it's this guy.

InstruMETAL 04/10/11 02:53 PM

mature hahaha

Taking_Frags 04/10/11 02:55 PM

Both those members look extremely burned out. They should party a little less.

Hail Lelouch 04/10/11 03:02 PM

"Because we're real"


Band is such a fucking joke

ARo2431 04/10/11 03:04 PM

Ughhh I get nervous opening any threads that are video interviews because of this guy. Dammit I've seen enough of this nerd.

mayday 04/10/11 03:07 PM

It's like watching a weird Superbad spin-off focused on Michael Cera's career as a music journalist.

Miketheunicycle 04/10/11 03:22 PM

getting too drunk and not being able to play your songs live is pretty funny, thanks for the knee slapper guys. your band should be on the cover of Alternative Press every other month kinda like adtr, & alt.