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Brandon Allin 03/29/07 10:23 AM

Tim Armstrong Release Date, Track List, and Music Video
You can find the track list for Tim Armstrong's (Rancid, Operation Ivy) debut solo release, A Poet's Life, below, as well as the music video for the album's lead single, "Into Action," which features guest vocals from pop-rock artist Skye Sweetnam, in the replies. A Poet's Life has been slated for a rush release date of May 22nd via Hellcat Records.

Track List:
1. Hold On
2. Wake Up
3. Oh No
4. Into Action
5. Among The Dead
6. Take This City
7. The Dark
8. Girl, I Only Want What's Best For You
9. Inner City Violence
10. Burning Angel
11. Cold Blooded

Submitted by Logan95

Brandon Allin 03/29/07 10:23 AM

btbam > you 03/29/07 10:25 AM

this will be album of the year

xcarlupanddiex 03/29/07 10:28 AM

will this still be released as a free ditigal only cd ???

failedXromance 03/29/07 10:32 AM

Im happy that, when refrencing his past acts, you mentioned op ivy, and not the Transplants

whyte39 03/29/07 10:36 AM

im excited for this to be released.

whyte39 03/29/07 10:37 AM

and im really digging this video

Logan95 03/29/07 10:41 AM

Intro Action is a great song, definitely better than Hold On or Wake Up.

miltownrob 03/29/07 10:42 AM

i hope this is still going to be free

Brandon Allin 03/29/07 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by xcarlupanddiex (Post 6088090)
will this still be released as a free ditigal only cd ???

From Interpunk.com Album Description A Poet’s Life began as a “thank you” from Tim Armstrong to Rancid fans, to be released one track at a time on the internet to tide fans over until the next Rancid full-length. But when KROQ in Los Angeles began heavily playing the explosive track “Into Action,” plans were abruptly changed. Now, with a rush release date of May 22nd, Tim Armstrong is bringing his first solo release to the wide world, backed by some of the strongest radio support since the days of “Time Bomb” and “Ruby Soho.” With a killer old-school two-tone groove, helped along by Hellcat labelmates The Aggrolites, A Poet’s Life is loose, punky, infectious, and shamelessly danceable. First single “Into Action” features a mod dance groove, a horn chart Motown would be proud of, and the alluring co-vocals of Skye Sweetnam – already a bonafide hit on west coast stations from SF to San Diego, this is a song destined to capture the world. With a bonus DVD featuring videos of EVERY song and a cool featurette on the making of the album and the videos, along with Armstrong’s typical fan-friendly pricing, A Poet’s Life, far from being a holdover between Rancid releases, is taking on a life of its own.

Logan95 03/29/07 10:48 AM

Since Into Action is turning into such a hit they're going to make as much money as possible off of this now.

Cheshire_Buddha 03/29/07 11:16 AM

I'll pass.

robsmith 03/29/07 11:25 AM

Into Action is a great song, it really should be a hit all over

Eleanerd 03/29/07 11:55 AM

It's definitely different.
but goddamn
it's catchy.

i like it.
nice work, timmy.

LTJ182 03/29/07 12:14 PM

i really dig this...OLD SCHOOL style...something that has been missing from this eyeliner infested SHIT