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sajamie81 04/15/11 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by shes.a.ghost (Post 88124541)
Fantastic album. I don't exactly agree with many of your opinions on it, however.

What are you not in agreement with?

AdamChildress 04/16/11 12:19 AM

I still need to change out this album.

Kid G 04/16/11 07:29 AM

Good review
So I have listened to Wasting Light about 10 times all the way through now, and I think it is certainly superior in memorability to ESPG and In Your Honour. The songs are extremely hooky, and this album will probably produce 3-4 radio hits: Bridge Burning (although less than likely because it takes so long to get into the chorus), Rope (already promoted up the wazzoo), White Limo (I can only hope), These Days (for sure; very easy on the ears), and Walk (IMO, the best and most memorable track on the album; many have called it the sequel to New Way Home from TC&TS, and I have to agree). I think two of the best tracks on the album will not make it to the "hit" lists: Dear Rosemary and I Should Have Known (here I definitely disagree with the review). All of the tracks are very, very good, though.

I think the musicianship on this album makes it the best of the Foo albums in that category, from the solo on Rope to the slow building fury of Walk. Lyrically, these are some of the most introspective songs they have ever produced. I think what keeps this from being among the best, however, is that the songs are almost TOO immediate, kind of like the hits off their past three albums: songs like Times Like These, The Pretender, Best of You. These are quality songs all, but they just aren't as original and fresh-sounding as songs like Good Grief from Foo #1 and Wind Up from TC&TS.

I don't want to make this sound like a smackdown of the album by any means. I think it stands as a Houses of the Holy among Led Zeppelin II and IV. A great album (did I mention that it is right there with the top 2 as their most cohesive body of work?) among all-time classics. I can still listen to Foo #1 and it still causes sparks as if it was the first time I heard it. Its rawness is something I real miss. I wish they took the analog recording of Wasting Light and didn't refine it so much to clean up the distortion of the instruments. I also think TC&TS has more energy and stop-and-go dynamics that they have not been willing to match since.

I still listen to Foo Fighters' 1st album and TC&TS more than the others. This album reminds me a lot of There is Nothing Left to Lose in terms of production quality, but it has a very different sound, much more serious and straight rockish. One by One and ESPG are IMO right behind these two, followed by In Your Honour. So a summary:
FF=TC&TS>TNLTL=Wasting Light>One by One=ESPG>In Your Honour

Diclaimer: I own all their albums and listen to many of them often (except In Your Honour, which I gave up on to a large degree), so I have some credibility when I judge them.

DoubleShiftJord 04/16/11 09:36 AM

So far, this album has been a great listen on this very fine Record Store Day of 2011!

pleasedontask 04/16/11 12:29 PM

Really good review.

whiterussian 04/16/11 02:09 PM

I do not agree that this is their best album since whenever, but I find it hard to say that about any. I think all the last 5 albums have an almost equal chance, in different ways.

I'm having a hard time falling in love with the songs that lie between Arlandria and I Should've Known. I'll grow on them but not entirely.

edit; and yeah, I think the score is too high. But that's because I think all the scores on this site are too high, this one is fine in comparison to its brethren.

ratmachine182 04/16/11 05:57 PM

arlandria is an awesome song

Steeeve Perry 04/17/11 03:29 AM

Definitely the Fooey's best since Color and the Shape, though I still like the original record best, front to back.
So glad the songs aren't all as similar as those on their last album were, I legitimately do not like Echoes... at all.

Thomas Nassiff 04/17/11 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by ratmachine182 (Post 88167261)
arlandria is an awesome song

Probably my favorite.

MBIIdollaBill 04/18/11 07:43 PM

"But America doesn't want that void filled. It would rather sing the chorus of Katy Perry's "Firework" another dozen times."

Best part of the review, and why I love Dave Grohl and the Foos. Keep it up boys.

MBIIdollaBill 04/18/11 07:44 PM

i might buy this album just so i have an excuse to talk to the cute cashier at the best buy near my house. i already bought the new thursday album last thursday (no joke), so this is the only good thing left on the racks for now.

skrillzzz1109 04/22/11 06:44 PM

I agree with everyone that says "I Should Have Known" is a great song. Sounds like Black Keys singing along to a Murder By Death song. Freaking awesome and very unexpected.

Ryan Rumsey 04/22/11 08:26 PM

Does anyone know if the "Back & Forth" documentary that was in theaters is the same thing that they have been showing on Vh1? I haven't seen either.

maker_break 04/25/11 12:01 AM

Damn, this review got me pumped for hearing this record. Might just have to pick it up now...

Steeeve Perry 04/25/11 06:42 PM

Everyone here seems to love the record but I just... don't. I like it okay, but it hasn't grabbed me. Other reviews have proven this is a divisive album, which is surprising since I find it fairly similar to their previous work. I have seen the positive(this one), average (Pitchfork) and negative (Punknews) and seem to agree with all of them in parts.
One thing is for sure though, this is a lot better than ESP&G. That is one of the worst albums I've ever bought.