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latino_redneck5 05/06/11 05:39 PM

the last paragraph: so true

sajamie81 05/07/11 04:00 AM

Even after listening to this all the way through a few times, I still enjoy it and think it really brings out the rock that the Foo Fighters have been wanting to since the Colour and the Shape. Also that variety of stuff is on here. I really love Back and Forth. I think it has a certain "punk" quality to it in that chorus. Just a fun rocking song.

breakwall 07/27/11 11:44 AM

youre not gonna find better radio rock...for a big act this is an honest album...

iebeltje 08/28/11 11:43 AM

great album, as usual.

Koushyar 09/24/12 08:41 PM

One of the best albums I have ever heard! Before the album was released, I was a casual foo fighters listener. Then they released the Rope as the first single and it did not get me at first. Then they released White Limo before the release of the album and I said wow, they have gone mad, I will not like this album. But after a month, this album was just on repeat for me (I am not usually into repeating heavy albums over and over). Now, after a year, I love every single track, every second of this album (even White Limo which I hated at first!). Definitely a great job, deserves respect. Thanks Dave. Hope to see them live.

Aaron Mook 10/16/13 08:04 AM

This album rules, although I must say, I've always thought There is Nothing Left to Lose is a step-up from The Colour & The Shape (which also rules). Crazy that Grohl and the crew have only expressed regret over one album over the course of 7 (that was still decent).