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Keagan Ilvonen 04/13/11 03:18 PM

Asking Alexandria on Kimmel
Head to the replies to watch Asking Alexandria perform "Someone, Somewhere" and "Closure" on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Keagan Ilvonen 04/13/11 03:18 PM

abusedcat 04/13/11 03:21 PM

Holy crap this band is terrible.

lp670sv 04/13/11 03:23 PM

He almost seems sober...

StepsInADance 04/13/11 03:23 PM

I used to hate them, now I hate them and anyone who actually thinks this is good.

mister fresh 04/13/11 03:23 PM


4Who4What 04/13/11 03:25 PM


lp670sv 04/13/11 03:26 PM

love the three man mosh pit in the second video

SmileWithASmirk 04/13/11 03:26 PM

not bad not good but not bad , though ill admit , there starting to grown on me..

HANDSONDECK 04/13/11 03:27 PM

Presented by bud light... fucking priceless.

Also, the fact that people like this band appalls me.

Fringe 04/13/11 03:27 PM

Didn't mind the first song so much, it was okay. The second was ehh...

I'll never understand why so many kids idolize this band

Thomas Nassiff 04/13/11 03:28 PM

So so so so so bad

downrightamazed 04/13/11 03:29 PM

Hahah. I like checking out bands like these whenever they get mainstream exposure and this one did not fail to deliver.

The first one is a straight up radio rock tune, no screaming and just melodies all over the place.. And then the next one is crabcore in full effect.

Also, what the fuck did he say in the bridge of the second song? He started saying "This is the medium for me to say this, all you people here, all you people watching on tv...." and then he went straight into "We don't want to die....So buy or cd so that you can keep us alive".

..What the?

honestykills 04/13/11 03:29 PM

this sucks.

xlife2lifelessx 04/13/11 03:30 PM

this was bad, like really bad