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guitarman2189 04/13/11 03:44 PM

That was painful to watch

NarcolepsySmile 04/13/11 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by WerdnaNBD (Post 88027801)
"SUCK IT" was the point. Pretty self explanatory.


Fuck you

StephenYoung 04/13/11 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by WerdnaNBD (Post 88027661)
#9 on Billboard Top 200 chart with over 31k sold first week!


Your Ten after Two avatar takes away your right to have an opinion.

Go hang yourself.

athdrummer19 04/13/11 03:47 PM

this band is fucking garbage.

Grub 04/13/11 03:51 PM


CastlesXClouds 04/13/11 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by StepsInADance (Post 88027122)
I used to hate them, now I hate them and anyone who actually thinks this is good.

this is incredible.

BLeClair12 04/13/11 03:53 PM

Not only was that absolutely horrible, but they've got to be one of the most uninteresting bands to watch perform that I've ever seen. Some bands simply cannot perform live, but make up for it with stage presence. They're just a double shot of awful.

The fact that anyone could still take this band seriously after that episode is baffling to me.

hogfan1228 04/13/11 03:56 PM

I can think of 100 bands that deserve to be on a big show like this more than them. Then another 100 that I'd rather see...

Dirge07 04/13/11 03:57 PM

...this can make it on Kimmel? Wow...

quizonmyface 04/13/11 03:57 PM

Sumerian Records facebook page said earlier today that Asking Alexandria are one of the 'most ground breaking and talented groups in music' (or something to that effect)

I lol'd.

HeavenResign 04/13/11 04:00 PM

31k sales...that means this band is as popular (in terms of current album sales) as Circa Survive. That is just sad as hell.

TheRealJohnOC 04/13/11 04:02 PM

lol at the middle of the song rant in the 2nd song. This is my first time listening to AA. Does the lead singer always sound like a whiny mix of Jeremy from ADTR and M Shadows?

yayitsjoe 04/13/11 04:03 PM


eatbabiesyum 04/13/11 04:03 PM

way better than i expected, and still terrible. oh and the screaming was horrrrrrrible.

Chrisj182 04/13/11 04:04 PM

Awful, the next ADTR. Still, got to love a British band on live American tv.