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Alex DiVincenzo 04/15/11 07:07 AM

Hawthorne Heights, Veara, Handguns Full Sets
Full set videos from Hawthorne Heights, Veara and Handguns can be viewed here.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/15/11 07:15 AM

Obligatory Facebook plug so I don't look so sad with under 100 likes: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-I...05329246216097

circletheworld 04/15/11 07:35 AM

Veara got really tight live, such great guys & girl

iseejosh 04/15/11 08:06 AM

veara has been one of the funnest shows ive seen in a while.

xtbs7645x 04/15/11 08:12 AM

was about to say, "thought the other guitarist started screaming, what happened?" but haha guess he wasnt there that night

WeWereGiants 04/15/11 08:40 AM

Veara were so good when I saw them, even the bass player had his leg in a cast and the speaker was blown on one side, they still sounded great.

DCART 04/15/11 08:46 AM

i was hoping handguns would cover taking back sunday..they cover them better than the band haha

DCART 04/15/11 08:47 AM

and Veara is this shit. bummed they arent comming near me on warped tour :[

BFH Drums 04/15/11 10:05 AM

Veara are the masters of the synchronized bro stomp. LOVE. IT.

mkohler 04/15/11 10:06 AM

Hawthorne only played songs from the first two albums? :-o

wahwah16 04/15/11 10:52 AM

makes me realize how much I miss Casey =(

TZE 04/15/11 10:58 AM

i love veara!! would be awesome if i was there

BillyBudapest 04/15/11 11:46 AM

if anyone has pics/video from handguns or veara the night before in manchester nh, let me know. me and my friends were like the only ones there that knew the two.

JW209 04/15/11 04:54 PM

Hawthorne Heights played a great set! It's crazy that the songs were from their first two albums! Awesome set!

Jaytothesyg 04/15/11 08:20 PM

Veara + Handguns are so awesome. Kinda wish I woulda went to this tour now